Friday, 29 October 2010

Autumn Mist Netting off to a Flying Start

Monday 12th October

The Chaddesley autumn mist netting sessions got off to a roaring start today with a mammoth 201 birds being caught! This is a new Chaddesley record, so many, many thanks to everyone who came out this morning for such a calm, efficient and enjoyable ringing session.

We caught not only chicks from some of the earliest broods, but also some from the very latest brood in the wood, which is in keeping with the general consensus that this was a good breeding year across the country.

Total Birds Ringed – 201, 92 new, 109 retraps

Total number of Great Tits – 105 (of which 69 were retraps – 66%)

Total Blue Tits – 61 (of which 32 were retraps – 52%)

Number of this year’s Great Tit nestlings from the wood - 47

Number of this year’s Blue Tit nestlings from the wood - 17

Colour Ringed Adults GRETI - 16

Colour Ringed Adults BLUTI – 3